Edward Högardh born 1873, the founder of Högardh & Son
Högardh & Son Painting firm have since 1898 worked within the painting and art area using every kind of methods,
and are today one of Sweden's 
oldest painting company.
Marbling, wood grain painting, gold and silver leaf gilding, paintings, furniture, churches, mansions, and castles.

As the first women to take over in the generations, Johanna is now the fifth generation to continue
to marbling, gilding, and continue with all the old methods into the 2000 century. 
  • Kungligt brev till Edward

During the World War I, Edward received a royal scholarship to study in Germany. 

He studied in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Cologne. Well-known projects carried out by Edward Högardh include 

the Cinema Röda Kvarn, Odd Fellow Logen, Hotell Svea, Svarta Örnshuset, and I16 in Halmstad and Norrvikens garden in Båstad, Sweden. 

He also collaborated with the Halmstad group in Sweden and did glass etching together with Axel Olsson.

Norrvikens Botanical gardens - Båstad, Sweden

Edward's sons Sven, Gösta and Yngve were educated in the painting company and ran it together with their father. Sven took care of furniture renovations and decorations. Gösta continued on the artistic path and studied during World War II in France. He then furthered his education in Spain, Denmark and Norway.
For 38 years, Gösta was responsible for the decorations for Halmstad revues.

Yngve Högardh, Rolf Högardh & Christer Högardh

Paintings made of Edward, Gösta, and Christer Högardh

Rolf Högardh and Christer Högardh

Yngves son, Rolf, took the firm to the next level in Sweden 1960-70, to work with the larger construction companies of the country, making this small family business to something bigger.

Christer Högardh, Rolfs son, got trained from his grand father to maintain the old methods of art and painting, to keep it alive, and the newer methods of his father himself. Christer is running the company today, with painting and construction services, art, and old painting methods.
Christer Högardh founded Scandinavian Fashion Group 1983, within clothing, which now laying in the hold. He had the factory in France.

Johanna Högardh

Fifth generation to take on all the knowledge of art and design that has been in the family for centuries. Started practicing art already at the age of 14 by Christer Högardh and has since been taught and trained in all its art forms. Worked and lived in Sweden- Halmstad & Stockholm, Barcelona- Spain, Hua Hin- Thailand, New York- USA, and Paris- France.

Berkeley College New York, NY, USA
Fashion- Merchandising and Management.