Animal Communication

Do you want to hear your animal’s thoughts and feelings?
Animal communication is based on telepathy between me and the animal. You tone into their energy and body through a picture or sitting in front of each other. The animal can then send images, frequencies, words, and feelings to me.
I am credited with a diploma in animal communication (see image for the content of the training).

Anything can come up during a reading, animals are individuals and just like people, have different ways of expressing themselves and value things differently. Some are more talkative than others, and that's totally fine.
Animals live in the moment, meaning the emotions (both mentally and physically) that come up during a reading are usually from the present moment. Sometimes past situations or traumas can come to light and be relieved by the animal if necessary.

Animals often appreciate talking, to be able to tell what's on their mind. Ease their hearts and feel heard. Things that their humans may not know about or things the animal wants to convey. Sometimes incredible declarations of love come forward. Be prepared for deep things to come up. I respect the animals and pass on everything that comes up. It is important that the "owner" fulfills the animal's wishes, listens carefully, and takes in. This can deepen and strengthen your relationship.

I am not a veterinarian and therefore cannot make any diagnoses etc, but guide and help in the right direction. Medications and other things can mask the animal and therefore not be noticed in terms of energy. A veterinarian should always be contacted in case of physical problems.
I help as best as I can.
Everything for you and your animal to feel good ♡

Price: SEK 1 222kr (around $120 and €111) incl. VAT.

What you need to submit: A photo (as recent as possible) where the eyes are clearly visible. Name of the animal, sex, age, and how long he/she has lived with you. Voluntary: If there is a special reason for contact, a problem, or if you have questions for the animal. 

Included: I talk to your animal + healing, after we will talk over the phone to go over everything.

I will send the notes around a week after our call.

Quick check-in about a month after.

Payment can be made via Swish, invoice, bank transfer, or PayPal.

To book a reading, contact:


+46728893769 (iMessage/WhatsApp)

Why I have chosen to educate myself as an animal communicator

Animals and nature, can't get enough of it. To be a part of this is so amazing. Just look at all the pretty flowers. All these lovely colors growing everywhere. My heart breaks a little when I think about how we humans have drifted further and further away from everything else on this planet. It is almost as if we are humans against animals and nature. That's not how it should be.

Like telepathy, which actually all people can use and talk to animals with, but which is very rare today? It's not that easy to use telepathy for us humans today just because we've slipped so far from it feeling totally abnormal. All animals AND plants are also individuals, just like us humans. Yes, plants are living things too. All animals have completely different personalities, and they need and desire different things in life. We, humans, use telepathy every day without knowing between each other and animals. Have you ever thought about a person and all of a sudden they text you? Just right! Telepathy. Or maybe you notice that your animal knows what you mean without him/her being able to speak the human language? There we have it! The animals also scan our well-being constantly and know exactly how we feel or where we are in pain. You can't lie to them ;)

By communicating with animals, I can bring animals together with its humans more deeply. When I had my ferret read for the first time, I immediately felt how our bond became stronger. Then I felt that I understood him much more deeply. It's such a wonderful feeling. To finally hear your animal's thoughts and feelings! Many animals also have a great sense of humor and you get a good laugh. Some have incredibly great wisdom and come with tips both to me and you.

I do this to spread joy, love, and a greater understanding of Mother Earth.

In a perfect world, I would have done this for free.

The money is an energy transfer - for all the time and energy I put into contacting your animal.

Let all beings live in peace, together 

Just contact me if you have any questions!