Quality, tradition, and knowledge

Högardh & Son Målerifirma AB offers painting for both large and small jobs.

Houses, holiday homes, apartments, furniture renovation, industrial premises, apartment buildings, major painting contracts, special paintings such as fire protection painting, gilding, and memorization.

We are happy to give suggestions for coloring and ideas for alternative proposals for painting treatments. Our quality control means that we document our work such as moisture measurements, layer measurements, and material lists of materials used. When it comes to painting, we can perform any type of service you need. We carry out fire protection painting and paint facades for houses, apartment buildings, or smaller cottages and sheds. In addition, we can offer indoor painting of walls, furniture or windows, and window moldings. We carry out ceiling painting and paint moldings even in the most difficult-to-access cases. We discuss the color choices among ourselves. We are happy to give tips and advice on what can be suitable for different occasions and have the opportunity to give your home or workplace a modern and fresh look.

Other services we provide include comprehensive solutions for renovation, including painting, sanding walls, wallpapering, and design. Each step along the way can of course be carried out separately if the specific need exists, from service jobs as repainting walls to coloring public environments and larger painting contracts.

We at Högardh & Son Målerifirma AB perform all the services you need.