We help you repaint

For us at Högardh & Son Målerifirma AB, the customer is always in the center. It is you who defines what you are looking for and our mission is to make sure to accomplish it. With our knowledge and expertise in painting and design, we can give you good advice and tips. Partly about the painting and what you should think about to ensure that the painting lasts as long as possible, with maintenance and touch-up as an option.

We can also give suggestions on how best to color a room, public or private, to create a special feeling. We always provide a quality guarantee on all our assignments. This means that you can always trust that the work will be done correctly by master painters, with great knowledge and long experience.

We are happy to see returning customers, but for new assignments. Our goal is that, once we have a painting assignment, should not have to do it again for many years.


Member of Halland's Association of Master Painters

Member of the National Association of Master Painter's

A selection of major works carried out during the 1990s and 2000s are:

Östergårdsskolan * Gullbrandsstorpsskolan * Andersbergsskolan * Getinge Industri * New Police House * The aid center * I16 office building * F14 office * Heléns Rör * Grand Hotel in Halmstad * Hotel Tylösand * ICA MAXI in Flygstaden * Diab in Laholm * Parkeringhuset Gamletull * Gamletull's Switchgear * Gamletull's apartments * JAS bunkers in southern Sweden * Martin & Servera * Dr. Kristina Passagen * Castle in Comburg, France


The most important thing for a master painter is take his experience and knowledge he has accumulated over the years to every job. Having worked longer in the industry, we at Högardh & Son Målerifirma AB know what is required for each job and how best to adapt to new situations. We ensure that we stay at the forefront of new developments by continuously further training our staff.


Good service is based on professionally performed work. Good treatment is always important for us. We always perform our jobs at the appointed time and the appointed price and make sure to consistently deliver high-quality results. Responsiveness is a central concept for us because we always have to start with what you as a customer want. Our goal is to make it happen, and we can do that through communication, innovation, and professionalism.


To perform high-quality work, it is necessary to use materials of the highest quality. We use quality paint from well-known brands for all our jobs and adapt the type of paint to the job we perform. The painting profession is an old guild but in constant development. We make sure to stay a head of developments by always using the latest in materials, accessories, products, and methods. Everything is to guarantee the best possible work done for you as a customer, when you have to repaint in Halmstad and the surrounding area.